Perception Training:
Perception is very important, not only if you want to learn how to draw.
It is interesting for everybody, who really wants to explore the reality around.
The training will make you conscientious of your visual blocks and I will give you exercises how to overtake these.
Our perception (of every sense!) is usually strictly limited to what we think.
Most people are not even able to see, what is right in front of their eyes.
They register what they see, and then the mental part of their brain to makes the information fit into their habits and their belief systems.
By realising this mechanism we become able to perceive the real physical form and by seeing that you can go further and start to see energy fields
In this class you might find a different access to silence your mental and to unfold your creativity.
Presenter: Birgitta Volz
Please bring:
Drawing pad with a solid back (A4, 30x21 cm), 2 soft pencils
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
the number of parcipitants depends on the location (10-30)