International Narrative Art Residency, "Goa Chitra Museum," Goa, India, 2014
Birgitta in her improvised workspace in Cortigao Wildlife Park
Tulsialtar in a 300 year old mudhouse
Vanilla Orchid
Court yard at Goa Chitra Museum
Mekhlla Harrison with 2 of her paintings
Piper nigrum - Black Gold: The story of the pepper plant
The wildlife comes for room visits, but luckily Birgitta loves cats.
Tulsi Drawing
Birgitta's workspace in Tansikar spicefarm, printing Vanilla
Ekaterina Abramova is painting the museum's watchman
Birgitta Volz, Anjum Chaturvedi , Mekhlla Harrison, Yolanda De Souza, Ekaterina Abramova, Loretti Joyce Pinto, Nirupa Naik
Birgitta with her print and collage of the Kumboi tree, which is traditionnaly used for making soft ropes for animals