"Citadyn Centre d'Art", Auroville, Indien, 2012
Installation with Flower Print Banners, size: 150 x 61 cm and 121 x 50 cm, oil colour on fire resistant material
Birgitta's botanical prints seem to be very natural, but they are far from being simple copies of nature.
Unpretentious at first glance, her prints reveal themselves as carefully arranged, fantastical compositions.
Her work with flowers is so far the most challenging technical task for this experienced print maker because their delicate structures often fall apart at the first touch of the printing ink.
Then they have to be recomposed as a complex collage, petal by petal and leaf by leaf.
Playing with different shades of grey, she skillfully combines them to create depth and space, constructing a giant puzzle and an inventive patience game.
South Hall, view left side: Flower Print Banners, size: 150 x 61 cm and 121 x 50 cm
South Hall, view right side: Flower Print Banners, size: 150 x 61 cm and 121 x 50 cm
South Hall, view wall left side: Delonix regia 5-2012, frame size: 108 x 56 cm and Flower Print Banners
South Hall, view center wall: Leaf print banners, size: 150 x 61 cm
North Hall, view center wall: Blue Installation, small plant prints (30 x 21 cm) partially presented in lamp shades
Nymphaea rubra 13-2008, size framed: 114 x 129 cm
North Hall, left wall: Waterlilies 1-2010, 120 x 140 cm, plant print with oil colour on chinese paper, mounted on cloth
2 small flower prints, frame size 46 x 35 cm (paper size 30 x 21 cm)
South Hall, 4 large leaf prints on canvas (roll system), 190 x 80 cm
Jathropha podagarica 1-2006, Aronstab 1-2005, Philodendron 1-2008, Nelumbo nucifera 1-2008
North Hall, right wall: Jewellery display
left side: "Matrigold", 24 Carat Gold-in-Glass (2 violet showboards) and Ceramic Jewellery: "Flower Line"
(in cooperation with "Mantra Pottery"),
middle: "Coffee Bean Line" (developed for "Coffee Ideas"), made out of coffee beans,
right side: "Seed Jewellery Line", developed for "Shradhanjali" made of Seed Pots from Auroville Trees
Introduction speech for Birgitta's Artwork by
German Consul Christiane Cranshaw
Introduction to Birgitta's Botanical prints by
art historien Bjoern Lewalter
Birgitta shows for the first time a complete installation of her large floral prints.
A lot of this artwork will tour in Europe after and might not come back to India.
Also her latest jewellery creations will be on display, which she developed for "Shradhanjali" out of seed pots from Auroville trees.
She recently managed to make Mother, Sri Aurobindo and Auroville symbols out of the "Matrigold" gold-in-glass pendants, which will be on display in different sizes.
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